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Riverside County Transportation Dept

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4080 Lemon St, PO Box 59968 Riverside, CA 92501
  (951) 955-1505



Service Area

Riverside, CA


These are engineered drawings and they require a minimum level of clarity and quality. This minimum quality can not be provided using basic html web pages or with standard gif and jpeg graphic file formats. Acrobat pdf files allow us to provide exact duplicates of our engineered Road Standards. As a result, these documents are provided as pdf files only.



Project Development is responsible for the development and management of most public works roadway projects in the County of Riverside. This Division prepares project plans, specifications and estimates with in-house engineering staff or through the use of consulting firms. This staff is also responsible for coordinating with and managing the many other divisions, agencies and public contacts involved or affected by our projects.





Riverside County Transportation Dept is a county government office located in Riverside, CA.



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